Review: “Choices and Changes” by K.L. Belanger (2013)


My rating: 5 stars


  • My Romance Book Challenge (m/m, contemporary)


This was my first book my K.L. Belanger. I was impressed with it. I loved how both characters were mature and smart and they talked so much about what was going on in their relationship and what they wanted. It was like the anti-miscommunication book. And I really needed that!

The blurb indicates this is a gfy (gay for you) romance where the hetero guy initially mistakes the guy for a girl. That’s true, but it’s only the very first look at the ‘girl’ in which he’s mistaken. He essentially sees a girl from across the room, has a moment of insta-love, in which he’s already thinking “she’s the one”, before realizing she is actually a he.

The plot is much more realistic and complex than it sounds. Initially deciding to just write it off as a mix-up and ignore the attractive stranger, the hetero MC (Bo) ends up talking to the other guy (Erick) at the party. They both dislike the party and decide to go grab a coffee. This begins a slow burn (no more insta-love) relationship in which these two characters are really draw to each other, but neither knows what to make of it. A lot of communication about their thoughts and feelings is involved and eventually, they move on to a physical relationship. One MC is a psychology major, so the dialog is intelligent and involves a deeper look at the dynamics of relationships and the purpose we have in each other’s lives rather than just “I like you” or “I’m hot for you”, like the typical romance book.

I also liked the way the family and friends situation was handled. When it comes down to it, Bo accepts his relationship is important to him, he comes out, and takes the hit with his family.

This isn’t a steamy book and the sex is either off page entirely or a few lines of description. I, for one, didn’t miss it.

A smart read and very enjoyable. I’ll be looking for more from this author.

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