Review: A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie (1964)


My Rating: 5 stars              Read: 1/28/2017


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Read for the Lifetime Reading Challenge (1964).

I’ve always been a fan of Agatha Christie, but it’s been at least fifteen years since I read one of her novels. I always forget just how much I enjoy them. I adore her writing style. She has very efficient, compact prose that nevertheless packs a dry, witty wallop.

I listened to the audio of this book from narrator Emilia Fox, who is brilliant. She does voices for all the characters and really brings the story to life. I could listen to a dozen more Agatha Christie’s read by her.

This isn’t AC’s finest mystery plot line, but it’s a great read nonetheless. Miss Jane Marple has traveled to the West Indies on vacation thanks to her generous nephew. Of course, she gets involved with a murder. There’s a wonderful vintage feeling about the story, with well off English people spending months on holiday, canons, business tycoons, bird watchers and naturalists, the lower class secretaries and masseurs and the West Indies natives, which viewed from an imperialist England uber non-PC perspective. As for the mystery, there are red herrings galore among the group of suspects on the island.

Reading an Agatha Christie to me isn’t so much about the mystery as it is being immersed in that classic British world and enjoying her fine prose and fantastic characterizations. She’ll always be 5 star to me.

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