Review: Best of My Love by Susan Mallery (2016)


My Rating: 4 stars


  • My Romance Challenge


I liked the cover and blurb on this book, so I dove in regardless of the fact that I haven’t read any of the earlier “Fool’s Gold” books (or Susan Mallery for that matter). Although there were a lot of side characters in this book that had obviously been part of earlier work, I didn’t find that too much of a distraction from the main love story, and I’m glad I picked this up. 

This is definitely a slow burn romance, with nothing sexual happening until after the 50% mark. I liked the gradual build and the friends-to-lover story. The H and h decide to become friends for the reasons stated in the blurb (she comes from an abusive home and finds it difficult to trust men; he’s a womanizer who has gotten into a rut of only seeing women as sex objects).

The early scenes where they try to figure out how to even BE friends are cute, since they both like different things. They end up alternating “gender events”, doing a boy outing and then a girl one. There were some cute “fish out of water” moments–for example when Aiden tags along to a baby shower and Shelby attends a poker game.

I liked the character development, with Shelby thinking herself much tougher than she actually was (she’s still quite damaged from her abusive father) and Aiden getting in touch with his feminine side. I think I preferred the funny friendship bits to the actual romance once it happened, except that Aiden was such a wonderful guy, I wanted him to get his girl.

A fun read overall and I think I’ll try Fools Gold #1 next.

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