Review: Seducation and Snacks by Tara Sivec (2012)


My Rating: 5 stars      Read: 2/8/2017


  • My Romance Challenge


This book is on the Romantic Times list 1000 Best Romances.

The plot of this book features a familiar trope of reunited lovers. A woman has a one-night stand in college, ends up pregnant with no way to contact the man. She drops out, has the child, and five years later the man just happens to show up in her small towns (let’s say the fates are kind). The man has no idea he has a child, but he’s never forgotten the woman. While the plot sounds simple, the writing is not. It’s marvelous.

I had a blast reading this book. It is, indeed, super funny–as long as you’re not a person who is bothered by cursing and words like “vagina” and “penis”, which are used constantly. I’m not a person bothered by those things. This book is a bit like Andrew Dice Clay or a potty-mouthed bff–the shock value of vulgar language is used to high hilarity.

I loved the little boy, Gavin, even though IRL he’d be horrific. The main couple was sweet. I liked how the H quickly got with the program when he discovered he had a child and didn’t spent a lot of mental angst over it. He was a great guy and I was glad we didn’t have to suffer through his cold feet or general douchery.

I thought for sure this was a 5 star read, but in the last 30% the humor got pretty repetitive, and it felt like there were a bunch of sex scenes that were fillers. There wasn’t a lot of real movement in the plot for that last third, and I got a little bored. One scene at the end at the “christening” of the shop was so OTT and cringeworthy as to overshoot funny, IMHO. There was also a freak-out over the father potentially being gay which turned into a bad joke. That made me a little uneasy.

Despite those quibbles, it’s a truly unique and often hilarious book, so I give the author all the props in the world for that. Tough to do! I’ve certainly never read anything like it. I’ll definitely check out her other titles

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