Review: In the Valley of the Sun by Andy Davidson (2017)


My Rating: 5 stars                                          Read: 4/2/2017

Release Date: Jun 6, 2017


For readers of Joe Hill, Cormac McCarthy, and classic Anne Rice, a chilling tale of suspense and horror set deep in the Texas desert.

Travis Stillwell spends his nights searching out women in West Texas honky-tonks. What he does with them doesn’t make him proud, just quiets the demons for a little while. But his nights soon take a terrifying turn in a desert cantina, where Travis crosses paths with a mysterious pale-skinned girl in red boots. Come the morning, he wakes weak and bloodied in his cabover camper, no sign of a girl, no memory of the night before. Continue reading “Review: In the Valley of the Sun by Andy Davidson (2017)”


Review: Suffer the Children by John Saul (1977)


My Rating: 4 stars                                          Read: 3/7/2017

Lists: None


  • Lifetime Challenge
  • My Horror Challenge


One hundred years ago in Port Arbello a pretty little girl began to scream. And struggle. And die. No one heard. No one saw. Just one man whose guilty heart burst in pain as he dashed himself to death in the sea. Now something peculiar is happening in Port Arbello. The children are disappearing, one by one. An evil history is repeating itself. And one strange, terrified child has ended her silence with a scream that began a hundred years ago.


I read this book for my Lifetime Challenge (year 1977).

When I was in high school in the late 70’s, I read horror novels incessantly. Horror was very big at the time, and I was fully into the craze. If it had a black or metallic shiny cover, I probably read it.

Horror books have certainly changed, and I miss the old-school horror of that golden era. So I wanted to add some horror books into my 1970’s reading challenge. I might have read this book by John Saul back when it was first published, but as I read it just now, I didn’t remember anything about it. Which was a good thing in terms of not having the plot spoiled. Continue reading “Review: Suffer the Children by John Saul (1977)”